DO YOU need Help RECRUITing Young people for your research?

DigiKnowIt News can help!

We understand recruiting young people to participate in your research can be difficult.

DigiKnowIt News is an interactive website designed to address the most significant barriers to youth participation in research: lack of information, misinformation, mistrust, and fear about research.

DigiKnowIt News is designed to educate potential research participants ages 8-17 on various aspects of participating in a pediatric research, so they may be more likely and comfortable to participate in your research. By engaging youth with immersive, interactive activities to learn about research, DigiKnowIt News can help youth learn to confidently make decisions about their health and opportunities to participate in research.

Developed by researchers and medical health professionals along with youth and parents, DigiKnowIt News was strategically designed to help you recruit more young people for your research, establish trust with participants, and involve youth in the decision-making process before and during research study participation.

DigiKnowIt News includes interactive modules, electronic comic books, and spotlight videos that covers a wide range of information:

  • Definition and importance of clinical trials for kids

  • Roles in a clinical trial

  • Questions to ask before, during, and after a clinical trial

  • Participant rights in a clinical trial

  • Benefits and risks of participating in a clinical trial

  • Different types of procedures (e.g., scans)

  • And much more!

DigiKnowIt News has been shown to

Make youth more knowledgeable about pediatric clinical research

Make youth more positive about clinical research

Improve youth self-efficacy for participating in clinical research

Check out this video to learn more about DigiKnowIt News for kids!

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Researchers can use this web-based resource to:

help recruit new participants

improve informed consent processes

educate participants before and after study enrollment

DigiKnowIt News can be customized for any individual studies and organizations. Learn more on the Product Details page.